ILASLA celebration+ Award Criteria

Each year the Illinois Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ILASLA) recognizes outstanding projects completed by individuals or organizations located in the State of Illinois. These awards are given in an effort to raise standards of excellence, heighten public appreciation of quality landscape architecture, and expand public awareness of the profession and ASLA.

As we prepare to honor and congratulate the year’s most inspiring and noteworthy landscape architecture projects at the celebration+ Awards Program on April 17, 2015 - we take a closer look at the criteria for the award selection process.

The following categories were used to select this year’s award-winning landscape architecture projects.


Recognizes constructed site-specific works of landscape architecture within the sub-categories of residential, commercial, institutional, memorial, recreational and open space, and urban. Considers quality and functionality of the design; relationship to context and stated program; environmental responsibility; and relevance to the profession, the public, and the environment


Recognizes achievements in communicating landscape architecture information, technology, theory, or practice to those within or outside the profession. Entries may include: published or written documents, articles, videos, and audio of presentations on landscape architecture history, art, or technology; educational material for the non-technical consumer; events or public service; or material that increases awareness of landscape design, environmental, or conservation issues. Considers quality of content and presentation; usefulness to the intended reader or viewer; and overall significance to the profession, the public, or the environment.


Recognizes the wide variety of professional activities that lead to, guide, or evaluate landscape architectural design. Comprehensive plans, master plans, viability studies, and design guidelines and standards are examples of submittals for this category.


Recognizes research projects that identify, examine, and address challenges and problems that are resolved using solutions of value to the profession. Typical entries may include issues and relationships investigated with an explanation of methodology used. Research might include statistical or other analysis and demonstrate advancement of the body of knowledge of landscape architecture.

Learn more, view photos and videos featuring all of this year's projects, and join us for a day of celebration, networking and education on April 17, 2015 in Chicago!